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Black women self-care

 These are people who prioritize self-love and self-care these are entrepreneurs that offer services and products that I personally have benefited from and stand by. This list of businesses are owned by people with the same mission I have in my heart, helping people fill their cups and are listed alphabetically. 

Allysha Woodson - Medicine Maker

hi! my name is Allysha, but you can call me lysh. my pronouns are they/them/theirs. i am a black-indigenous, two-spirit, non-binary queer being; a primordial creator, shaker and move maker. an intersectional environmentalist, activist, feminist and life long fluid dancer. i am a certified trauma-informed reiki and yoga practitioner with over a decade of astrology, numerology, mineralogy and an array of occult studies. everything you see offered here are all pieces of my own personal tool box when it comes to healing of the self - and the whole - it is a collective journey after all; spiral out, keep going..


Amber Gardner - Owner of Bare2BNude Wellness Spa

Bare2BNude offers waxing, body treatments, and private pamper parties. We are committed to promoting self love, inner beauty, and wellness, while providing a professional, serene environment to relax and feel rejuvenated. We are extremely confident that you will leave with more knowledge of aesthetics and self care.

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Dionne Marie - Photographer,Creative

Dionne, owner of Divine Creations by D.Marie, is devoted to capturing the moment. She takes pride in freezing time on seconds in one’s life that we can’t get back. Whether it is baby’s first photoshoot, a kids’ milestone or family memories, Dionne uses her gift skillfully.

Kala McMillion Professional Esthetician and Beauty Services

Let your inner beauty shine for all the world to see. The Vibe Beauty and Spa LLC has been operating since 2021, when I decided to follow my passion for cosmetics and transform it into a business. Since then, I’ve been helping people be their most beautiful selves. No matter the style you want, I can make you look stunning.

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Shanda, Glamourous Wallflower, DIY Content Creator An uplifting breath of fresh air, Shanda is more than just a DIY enthusiast. She brings her passion for life to everything she does, and she does so much. Her videos are inspiring, and conversational which is wonderful in these times of social distancing. 

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Nea Dix
Nea Dix is an intuitive motivator and entrepreneur who uses Divination to interpret numerical messages received from Spirit. While still growing in her crafts, Nea’s intention is to help others become their best selves. An 11 Life Panther, she is a doting wife and mother of 2 who loves music, art, and nature. 


Tierra Tanai - Spa owner and Momtrepreneur and Phenom

Greetings Kings and Queens! I am Tierra Tanai 24 Year Old Momtrepreneur, Owner and Operator of the Peace of Mind Spa & The Gifted Glow, All Natural Skin Care Company. I believe that “God created nature for a reason, we just use our GIFT for the GLOW”  

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