Reclaiming time and releasing anxiety through rituals.

Reclaiming time and releasing anxiety through rituals.

Let's be honest. As adults it can be hard to manage relationships, chores, work, cooking, taking care of the kids, or even taking care of yourself. Reclaiming time for yourself is not just about a free evening here and there to sustain your sanity. It's about putting rituals in place to help you create better relationships, more efficiency around chores, work, cooking and taking care of yourself.

Many of us experience stress daily, ritual helps to alleviate anxiety and increase performance. By creating a pattern and a set of actions, you take your mind from a state of thinking to being.  According to research experiencing anxiety takes away from working memory, worsens your ability to take in information, listen to another perspective, make decisions, and kills confidence.

So you can see why we would want to put into action routines around stress points in our lives.

For some the barrier to consistency is a belief they have to start big. Small actions repeated over a long period of time can slowly build up to a system that supports your life instead of interrupts it. 

For example one person may have 15 minutes every day while waiting to pick up a child at school. Maybe they spend that time playing their favorite songs, or meditating or listening to affirmations. 

Another person might have 2 hours of alone time every morning and chooses to spend that time washing laundry but also playing their favorite motivational speaker or watching their favorite show.

For me I have 1 ritual that no matter what else happens in my day I know I will perform. I wash my face in the same way every morning and night. I start by washing my hands, pumping my Cerave, washing my whole face for 1 minute before drying my hands. I then grab a hemp oil tea tree mixture and rub it on my face for a full minute to two minutes, and then I pump the Cerave once more before rinsing my face and applying a serum. This has been one of my routines twice a day for the past few years. The benefit of this is that no matter how I slept I wake up the same way daily and reset. The same thing goes for the evening, I can reset before going to bed. This ritual silently signals my brain that it can relax.

In my work I offer candles as a way to set aside an hour or more of time to create space for your own rituals. I invite you to try to use a candle in the morning when you're getting ready for work. Set a tone for your day and don't forget to put the candle out before leaving the house! The scent also adds another sensory experience to this ritual also creating a stronger tie to the memory

Reclaiming your time can be as simple as identifying where you have room in your day, or when you can swap out one activity for a more fulfilling one and do it daily so that you have a place to reset and come back to what brings you joy. The more rituals you have in place the more your life is something you thrive in instead of try to escape from.



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