How the brand Pure Vanitee is a purely pampering experience

How the brand Pure Vanitee is a purely pampering experience

If you've been around and seen my company before you know how important I think self-love and self-care are, I mean it's in the name.

I am not the only person who is on a mission to get more people to go within, before going without and I wanted to show a few of the ways I love to indulge myself (other than candles of course) and give you some insight into how I round out my rituals of care and compassion. 

In this mini series I want to highlight a different company I love every few weeks and to begin to explore and communicate about what Self-Care practice can look like at home, professionally, spiritually and mentally.

Pure Vanite is my absolute favorite skin care product for everyday use right now. What better way to begin to fill your cup than to clean it first?

  • The All For One Grapeseed Oil is a blessing, it's super moisturizing and leaves my skin glowing and my scalp tingling. I use a little bit with my body butter and rub it on my whole body. ( this one is not linked cause I couldn't find it but might come back)
  • The Aloe Vera Foaming Wash is the best for a daily face wash for me because it's made for sensitive skin and has plenty of moisturizers that keep my skin from drying out

The magic of these products lies not just in the ingredients but in the ritual of using them. Every morning before I finish my cup of coffee I wash my face for one minute but sometimes more, use my toner, moisturize, and use my All For One oil. The last step is my Black Girl Sunscreen and it's almost like I'm putting on armor for what lies ahead.

Aside from having good products the company Instagram is full of beautiful product shots and inspirational quotes like the one below:


Knowing all the products I use are either made intentionally with care or with my skin needs in mind has been so powerful and creates a joyful start to my day. I do the same process in the evening but add in a few additional creams and remove the sunscreen bit. This small ritual which is just one of many gives me space from the world and reminds me to do the sometimes fun but usually tedious work of taking care of this unique vessel that houses my being. 


Check out Detroit Local, Pure Vanite for yourself to find an addition to your own morning ritual. 

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