Bare2BNude Making Spa Experiences Accessible in Detroit

Bare2BNude Making Spa Experiences Accessible in Detroit

In Detroit who you know is everything and the difference between an okay experience and an exceptional one. Bare2BNude came into existence right as Covid began to take full swing back in 2020 but that did not stop the young and brilliant Amber Gardner from seeing and making her vision come true.

I sat down on the phone with Amber for a chat about what self-love and self-care mean, love languages, and her favorite services for resetting. 

I know we’ve spoken on this before but what does your company name mean and what is self-love to you?

My company name is basically about, it’s not about being nude. I know a lot of people think it’s about being naked but it’s about loving yourself as you are in your skin but still incorporating self-care so the nude part means loving yourself bare, whatever color or shape you are as yourself nude, literally nothing.

To me self-care is about whatever makes you happy. I promote self-care with services. That tends to make me happy but self-care can be taking a bath, or making tea, reading a book. It can literally mean anything but in my shop self-care means people taking care of themselves. 

A lot of people think when they have no hair they are clean and that’s a form of self-care. I feel that way. I like the shop to reflect that, when you’re getting something painful done you’re in a nice environment. I think it can be clean but also decorated. Even when choosing my brand colors I chose what would make people relaxed. Pink is my favorite color but green is relaxing and white is too so I chose those. 

What made you want to open a spa?

I’ve always liked going to relaxing places and I felt like in our community, it was lacking in self-care services and I couldn’t find any other spa near me in the city. There is a facial bar now but there isn’t anything in my zip code. There are a couple girls with salons with suites but it’s not a spa it’s more about hair.

I want our community to know you can spend money loving on yourself. That’s why I made a spa to literally show awareness in the community and hopefully it gets in more communities but I wanted to start here. A lot of people move to the suburbs when they start businesses and by being here I hopefully can inspire someone to open a shop here too.

Who is your role model for Self-Care or do you have one?

Wow this is a good question honestly I never had anyone to show me that until I started school. Like a lot of people say I’m a strong black woman and I want to break that narrative. I’m strong but I can still take care of myself and I can be relaxed. 

What is your favorite service to do and receive?

I definitely love massages.

To give and receive them?

Yep. I like to do them often. I love Brazilians but with massages I think everybody needs one. You don’t know how stressed you are till you lay down. When I do Brazilians I’m chatty, but when I do facials so you can be educated I chat for the first 15 mins but after that I stop talking. I want the client to be relaxed so I will literally tell the client I might not talk a lot but feel free to ask questions but I want you relax. That's how my massages are too. I saw a post where a woman says don’t be afraid to ask for a silent service and people may think that comes off rude but it’s scary to ask or sound rude and I don't want people to feel that.

What is your love language?

My love language, that is so deep. I mean I do have a love language, it’s probably deep it’s probably real deep. I love when somebody is paying attention to me.

Like feeling "seen"?

Even deeper than that I love being acknowledged. Like if I get my eyebrows done and he says that’s beautiful, I love that. I love when someone says you’re doing a good job. I like when someone just checks in to see how I’m actually doing emotionally. 

Cause we need that sometimes, someone to check in with you like are you really doing ok. I like random surprises, everybody deserves that. I try to do that for people, do something they would totally not expect something they wouldn’t do for someone else. 

What is your go to self-care ritual right now as a new Mom?

This is beautiful, sometimes, and this is very simple and I guess this is self-care to me and some people say this isn’t self-care but something you need to do on a regular basis. 

I like to take baths, like once or twice a week. I would set it up as a whole experience. I don’t just light 1 candle in the bathroom I light multiple candles, I turn on meditation. Sometimes I do oatmeal, sometimes I do salts. I like soaps too, I love different soaps. I like to use a body scrub and then take a shower after. Just taking a regular bath isn’t self-care for me. 

What would be a good bath for anyone reading this?

-You can do an oatmeal bath, I like to buy them already made in the pack. You can make them on your own too.

You can do epsom salt, you can put lemons in your bath, and different herbs, rose petals, lavender, and a couple drops of essential oils. 

I never did this before but I would want to do a whole body milk bath. 

What are some services you want to highlight?

B2BN Stress Relief

Wax Services

and soon I will be offering Self-Care Sundays with facial services available. 



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