Self-Love and Self-Care Blog

  • Building yourself up after burnout

    Burnout can be difficult to deal with and the idea of rebuilding your world when it all seems to have crumbled is daunting. Through introspection and quietness in these times however, we can figure out exactly where we want to be and chart a path from there. Listening to yourself, knowing when you may need a little help from the outside and taking the steps to get that help are the best ways to work with these feelings instead of against them. 
  • Reclaiming time and releasing anxiety through rituals.

    Reclaiming your time can be as simple as identifying where you have room, or where you can swap out one activity for a more fulfilling one and do it daily so that you have a place to reset and come back to what brings you joy. The more rituals you have in place the more your life is something you thrive in instead of try to escape from.
  • Bare2BNude Making Spa Experiences Accessible in Detroit

    I want our community to know you can spend money loving on yourself. That’s why I made a spa to literally show awareness in the community and hopefully it gets in more communities but I wanted to start here. A lot of people move to the suburbs when they start businesses and by being here I hopefully can inspire someone to open a shop here too.

  • How the brand Pure Vanitee is a purely pampering experience

    This month we talk about Pure Vanitee, a body care company. In this mini series I want to highlight a different company I love every few weeks and to begin to explore and communicate about what self-care practice can look like at home, professionally, spiritually and mentally.